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Monthly Archives: May 2007

For those of you who don’t or missed the American Idols 07 Finals, the winner was Jordin Sparks! How good was she? Very. She was even able to interpret the song to the best that it can ever be sung. Even the songwriter himself can’t sing as good ok! See it (listen) for yourself! Both files are in my box. =)


Just wanna share this great piece of music that I just found on youtube. Not like it’s anything new but it’s just so nice to me that i’d wanna share it on my blog. It’s ‘Home’ by Chris Daughtry.

 The preview is here and you can also find it in my box (the white box on the right column). Enjoy.. =)

You know…there are so many times when I’m feeling a particular way (happy, sad, stressed, in dilemma, etc) but I may not want others to know about it. Nonetheless, people (almost without fail) will see it in my face and ask bout it.

Well, i’m not saying that these people should stop reading my face and asking out of concern (those of you who do this, please don’t stop doing it. It actually helps me.) but my point here, is that as much as i try not to show others how I’m feeling, it is actually very obvious for people to see through me and know something is going on (happy, sad, troubled, etc). I still remember when i was still in primary, I’d use to be able to hide anything and everything that i feel and people will just never know bout it until i tell them.

This is both good and bad. It’s good cause when i’m troubled and don’t feel like telling the whole world, people actually see it in me (well, i am still telling the whole world. Just dat i’m using using my face to tell without knowing it.) and offer help if necessary. But it’s also bad coz when i’m feeling happy or on cloud 9 , people can easily tell and i’ll be risking telling something i don’t wanna tell yet.

I guess it’s because i’m thinking too much bout it and hence showing it in my face without knowing it (It’s not like i don’t wanna stop thinking bout it, it’s just stuck in my head. No matter how hard i try to dismiss the thought, it comes back on an a.s.a.p. basis). And it applies to both good and bad things. Therefore you get ‘JoN the Obvious’ .

Just like how it is now, as much as I don’t want to tell the whole world bout this, i’m posting this on my own blog which is literally available to the whole world. But it’s not as bad considering not many people know bout this new blog or even bother to read this.

Well, I guess it’s jz me =)


Picture from Identity Crisis by ~bersinar

How many of us have actually imagined how our wedding dance will be like? Well, some of you may be askin “Huh? wedding dance? A lil bit to early to think bout that right?” or “Hah? JoN r u that desperate? UTAR no chicks meh?”

 Well, it’s not coz i’ve been thinking too far ahead (considering I don’;t even hav a gf now, dun even talk bout my wedding la) nor am I desperate. But it’s jz coz i came accross this video which a friend fowarded to me.

Before you click the play button below…jz do this.

Close your eyes. If you have done so, u should not be reading this! Ok la…u can close ur eyes after you are done reading. =P

Then imagine you are at your wedding dinner. Standing next to you is your beloved husband/wife. You love each other very much and guys got a very long way to be married on this day. After the formal addresses and dinner served, it’s now time for the special presentation. You and your husband/wife had been asked to do a dance…now you can open ur eyes (if u did close them) and play the video…

Note: The video may take a little longer to load…in the mean time, u can close ur eyes and do the above again =P.

Now, i dare anyone of you to pull that off for your wedding dinner and I will do anything you ask! Haha…

Hmm…this video really does makes me wonder. What about? Haha…those were the days when  i last went clubbin…I’d still  like to go tho…but maybe only when I manage to find kaki’s free enuf to go with (*hint hint =). Oh…not to forget, this is a nice song by itself by Maroon 5.

Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5