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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Haha…I’m still in the midst of uploading all the pictures and videos from the previous competition. Here are more of them…


Thats us. G Minor.


Thats the goin-all-hyped-and-crazy crowd of UTARians.


Thats me trying to take a nice picture behind the drums. Unfortunately I only realized I don’t really know how to take a good pic behind the drums when my friend clicked his camera. *sigh.

And for those of you who weren’t there, this is the actual performance that we did for the competiton from the audience’s view.

Special thanks to Kiat Siong, who took the video; Shea Ling , who asked (forced) Kiat Siong to take the video; all my friends in UTAR who gave their support during the competition. Will do my best in Penang together with the rest of the band.




The 1st band that got selected was ‘2.30am Studio’. They played a self written piece. This was a little unexpected but the judges wanna bring them 2 Penang…wat to do. But i had to admit, for a self written piece, it’s not too bad. check it out.

The next band selected was an accapella group called ‘4Ever’. And as far as vocal is concern, they nailed it and we weren’t supprised they are going to Penang.

And last but not the least, G Minor presenting a medley of ‘Standing in The Eyes’ and ‘Kau Boleh’.

and due to overwhelming responce, we were asked to do an encore…

Thats all for now. The next round that you’ll see videos bout G Minor, hopefully will be about our success in Penang. =)

Till then, ciaoz & keep RoCKin. =P



At the 1st practice, i asked around to find out what we were gonna play for the competition. Then Melvin (whom i see leading the band) replied with two songs which got me saying “wah….ok ok…cun cun”. They were “Standing in The Eyes” by Ella, sang during the Commonwealth Games  back in 1998 and “Kau Boleh” by Roy which was kinda like a theme for Thomas Cup some years back. Both happen to be meaningful songs and they both fit the theme like how a key fits in the lock. In the process of preparing, we were named “G Minor”. Coz our bassist only knows how to play G minor…kaka. Jz jk.

To cut the crap short, competition day finally came and the uni never felt more livelier ever since it opened. The stage was pretty cool coz its kinda like Optimus Prime. It’s just that instead of turning into a robot from a truck, it turned into a stage equipted with top notch musical instruments and sound equiptments. =)

Unity truck 2   (transform!)  Unity Truck

The competition consist of 2 rounds. The 1st is held at respective uni/colleges where the organizers will select 3 of the best from the praticular uni/college to compete in the finals in PISA, Penang sometime mid Aug.

Last Tuesday was the 1st round help un my uni (UTAR) in the ICT Faculty, PJ.

After 6 bands had performed, it was our time to show how much we got. We were nervous up there but we managed to pull things off with minor glitches.

The last band performed and we were ready for the results. We expected certain bands to be selected but some how the results differ. Two bands were announced. One was expected, the other was not. That only leaves us and another band which we feel that they are a very good competitor. 

Stay tuned for the final story packed with videos!

We all have our little dream at any point of time. Those of us who are blessed or lucky enough, they come true. Some still come true, but much later… while the rest of us are still waiting for that day.

This kinda sound like a fairy tale. But for me, my 3 year old dream came through exactly 1 week ago.

I’ve always wished that I’ll be able to have my own band with a bunch of my friends as bandmates. And we will just jam for the love of music. That didnt work or even happen until about a month ago when 2 uni friends whom i know is a good vocalist (Melvin) & the latter skilled guitarist (Clement) called and asked if i’m interested to join them to participate in a competition called Gegar U.

Ofcourse, I said ‘yes’ and practices started days after. The competition reules and regulation says that our song(s) have to based on the theme unity, togetherness or peace. I was wondering what the others may hav in mind while all i can only think of is the song “Sejahtera Malaysia” (if you know what song that is…) but it’s so common. Besides that, I don’t have the slightest idea what to play…untill the 1st practice.

Stay tuned for the answer…