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Monthly Archives: January 2008

I’m sure most of you would like the all M’sian drink for champions with a rich chocolaty taste. Milo.

And most of us would usually have it at a near by mamak where we exchange funny stories, current events, the latest gadget, latest fashion, crapping along or even gossip la.

I was at this mamak where my church drama team and I go to after practices on Wed nights. So last night, we went there after practice and I ordered, “Boss, Milo Ais KURANG manis”. I have no idea which part of “kurang manis” did he not understand…


Walking back to my seat with the cup of ice cold Milo in my hand (it was a self service mamak), I was recalling words from a friend behind me when she watched the mamak guy prepare my Milo that says “Wow…good scoops of Milo.” with her eyes almost popping out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of what was happening (coz I wasn’t admiring looking at how the mamak guy prepare the Milo).


Just as I was about to take my first sip, another friend told me that there were bout 9 scoops of milo in my cup. And in my mind, the expression “huh?” came up. Next thing I knew when I sipped the milo, it tasted like having 3-4 chinese soup spoon full of sugar in my mouth (and of course, I went “Wah!” with my eyes screened close).

But that wasn’t the end of the story. After adding water to it, i finally finished it and still have the strong sugar taste in my mouth. We all went home and nex thing i knew, when i tried to sleep…I CAN’T!

I kinda expected it to happen since i took so much sugar b4 bed. But i dint expect the sugar to last till 4.00am! The best part was i’m suppose to wake up 2 hrs later for a 8am class.

Just when i finally fell asleep, my phone alarm went off at 6.00am sharp, put it snooze and only woke up at 6.50am. Obviously i got to class late, but guess what class i was having?

Advance Internet Programming practical. Those of you who are not in the IT field, that kinda means having to wake up with bout 2hrs of sleep and doing additional math or calculus. Requires tonnes of brain power to figure out logics.

And I was doing it in my partially awake-and-floating state. Thank God I managed to finish it coz we were required to submit it at the end of the class.


So, the moral of the story is: DO NOT take milo from mamak before bed. If you are the kind who cant live without milo b4 bed, have it at home. At least you know how many scoops of milo is in there.



Do you sometimes wonder, “What the heck am I doing here?” when you don’t think you want to be at a certain place. But there you are standing there, at the exact spot where you didn’t want to. Isn’t it funny (or rather irritating) sometimes when you try to avoid being at a place where you didn’t want to but still, no matter what you do, you still end up exactly where you didn’t want. Hahaha…


If you did, then I’ve just had the exact same experience that you did. My story started 3 days ago on a Saturday. It wasn’t any ordinary Saturday. It was the day when (I thought) I was suppose to share with the Boys’ Brigade about brotherhood. But it turns out that I made a mistake and realize that i was suppose to share the following week. So much for the midnight oil burn which lasted till 2.30am. However, that aside, it was also my Mom’s Bday. 19 Jan. That day reminded me of Mom. How she use looked, how I use to cuddle to her every night watching TV when i was young, how she care for me and all the happy times I had knowing Mom loves me. Also realizing how that had slowly fade as years gone by due to various reasons. But nonetheless, I still missed her.


Having all these images flashing in my brain, I became morbid. Less on Sat, a lil more on Sun and the most today. I didn’t know why the “morbid-ness” what ever u call it grew despite knowing that she is in good hands and she has got a super nice place to “lepak” now.


But that was until just now. One of my BB officer’s grandmother passed away and I was burdened by conscious to attend the wake service when I was suppose to attend a meeting in church. Obviously I didn’t want to be there fearing that it might remind me of how painfully it was to have my Mom separated from me. So, I sent apology before hand to my officer, saying that I wouldn’t be there but (long story short) i end up there, at the funeral parlor.


I realize that God wanted me to be there for a reason. During the message that the Pastor was delivering, God reminded me through him that separation on earth is only temporary. So long as we have the passport to heaven, we will eventually meet again. Not only that. We will be given a new body! Hence, there will be no more pain, no more aches, no more illness and nothing more but perfection.


And then I thought, “Why the heck am i feeling sad when my Mom is happily enjoying in heaven?” Didn’t make sense at all. So, i didn’t have a reason to be sad anymore. But there is a new hope that God has reminded me of. That one day, we will all meet again in heaven with our buddy, Jesus.

picture from:


Man…where do you find someone like that? None but Jesus. You rock dude!


So friends, if you find yourself asking the question “Why am I here or What the heck am I doing here?” (whether to yourself or a friend), remember this: God place me here for a reason. It may not be one that you’ll find out on the spot… maybe later. But be sure that God wants you there, at that time, that day, for a reason. Trust Him, and He will tell you why when the time is right.


God Bless =)

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

taken from

Once upon a time, I use to blog regularly. Once upon a time, i use to have interesting things to share. And once upon a time, i have cool nifty stuff for everyone visiting this site.

Until…i stopped blogging. Hahaha…sorry lor. =P


Well, I’d blame my work in uni and my busy schedule which is a lousy excuse for not being able to find time to update this.

What makes it diff now? Oh…I have 2 reasons.

  1. Coz i found a cool and a more enjoyable software to post entries without logging into WordPress.
  2. Coz now i have a new source of pictures! – my new K530i =)


I know for a fact that posts without pictures or videos can be very boring. That’s probably the last thing i want to hear from you, for me being an IT student. (quite pai seh wan ar…)


So, since those 2 reasons are not valid excuses reasons anymore, guess i have to get back to blogging to keep my friends who are not in the country to see what this old friend, small kid, buddy, leng chai, is up to or had been up to.


For those of you who had been checking, sorry to disappoint you. I’ll do my best to blog as often as i can la. =)

It’s 1.30am and i need to get up early for:

  1. NCO Council meeting to grill the Boys
  2. Meeting with Band instructors to talk and plan for 2008
  3. Practice with Shearn for Sunday (hopefully this happens)
  4. Regular BB meeting

So that means, i gtg…hehe

laterz & nite


God Bless =)