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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Some of you might have heard stories like this a million times. And most of them will tell you that it happened to a friend or a relative.


What I’m about to tell you is not one that happened to a friend, neither a relative. It happened to me, just today.


It was early in the morning at about 7.15am or so. As per my usual routine, I was aboard a Rapid KL bus heading towards KL Sentral for an interchange to the LRT, to get to campus in PJ for an 8.00am class. The bus was almost packed with people heading for work and school. Just as the bus enters Brickfields area, suddenly a man with brown complexion started pulling my left arm sleeve. I was slightly shocked coz a stranger just pulled my sleeve for no reason (i thought for a split second that he had mental conditions). So i quickly brushed his hand off. He then pointed at a splat of flam on my left shoulder (eek!). So, i said thank you and tried to reach for tissue in my bag to clean it off. By now, i have already turned my body in a way that my right shoulder faces the man (coz stranger ma)… While i was getting my tissue, another man now on my left shoulder also started tagging my left sleeve, pointing at the same spot. And i replied with the same “ah…ok..ok..thank you”. Soon after which, they dropped off opposite the Brickfields Police Station. A malay man who stood behind the 1st man told me that the 1st man placed his had in the front section of my sling bag just now. So, i quickly checked for any missing items and found nothing missing in my bag. Then i checked my back pocket for my wallet (its there), front left pocket for my keys (its also there) and front right pocket…to find that my almost 2 months old phone is gone.


So, please learn from my lesson as much as i did from it:

When you do encounter such situations, do not ever be distracted. The first thing that should come to your mind what such thing happens is your belongings. The flam (in my case) was meant as a distraction. I was wearing a pair of jeans mind you. And my phone was in the front right pocket.


Another lesson that i’ve learnt is to not have any dangly things on your phone. Even if you do have, do not leave it hanging outside your pocket or where ever you keep it. My phone had a bag for a case. And that had a strap that hangs out of my pocket. That probably eased them in having my phone.


Nonetheless, I’m thankful coz i didn’t get hurt or have any important documents (IC, Driving License, Bankcard, etc) stolen in the process.


So, regardless you are a guy or gal, its better to be warned and take precaution than to be sorry later. Link or send this to everyone that you care about. So that they too can be warned and such things can be avoided.