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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Hi all, people have been asking me “Why don’t you update your blog?”. For those of my friends who care are abroad or have not been in touch for some time, this is the only way they get to know what’s goin on with this guy. haha…

Well, I’m sorry, so now here is the post.

Well, from last I posted, I’ve finished my degree in Information Systems Engineering (I need to take a deep breath every time i say that) and managed a 2nd Upper Hons degree. Though results are out and letter of conferent received, it’s not official yet coz convo is only in August. =) But technically, I am a grad la.


So, what am I doing now? I’m working in church as the BB Admin Assistant (purposely spelt Assistant in full so that some of you dont go – “BB Admin Ass?” – you know who you are) and I do admin work (duh) for the 1st KL BB such as:

  • updating this information system they have, called BBIS
  • create a new website for them
  • organize prayer meet for the Boys
  • organize tuition for the Boys
  • some work form church office here n there
  • other stuff that the BB Officers Council passes to me.

Well, there’s more in the list but i think that’s enough for you to know. The experience is good. I’m actually in the process of fulfilling my dream. Which is to eventually make positive impacts in people’s lives, hoping that they will see God’s reflection via me; and see them change. (which i think is happening now – Cool huh?)

Well the ultimate plan is to work in church full-time in the music ministry. Which is why I’m also taking music theory lessons which while i work to prepare for audition which will admit me into an institution that will get me either a degree in Music (in UCSI) or a degree in Church Music (in S’pore Bible College). What’s the diff? Well, it’s another long story. I’ll get to that next time. But now, It’s slanting towards a degree in music in UCSI (like a 51% vs. 49% kinda thing)…hahaha.

So, that means, I’ll be working as BB Admin Assistant till end Dec 08 and by God’s grace & plan, I’ll be studying music in either of those places for 3 years and after which, I’ll be back in KL to serve in church.


Oh! did I also mention that i finally got my own car? Haha…well, it’s something Mom left behind (reminds me how much she loved me every time i tell this to people…*sigh*).

Nway, back to the car. It’s nothing really grand to shout about but it’s decent enough and gets me from point A to point B. (What? Will i hurry and tell what car it is?…oh…sure sure). It’s a……em…oh! it’s a…..hehehe

it’s a 2001 Special Edition Kembara. *bluek! =P


I bought it for RM19k, it’s in good condition (the paint is still shiny – kinda good condition).


Aside from that, I’m also practicing hard for a youth musical coming in early Sept. It’s called “Life on The Edge”. It’s about the challenges and struggles that youths face today and how this hot (yes, she’s hot!) female main character faces it (not me obviously). Who is this hot main actress? who am I playin?

Come and find out!

When:  6th & 7th Sept 2008

Where: KL Wesley Church

Admission: Free!

And I guarantee you that you wont regret coming coz I’m in it coz it’s a very interesting story with music by Steven Curtis Chapman. If you think High School Musical was good, wait till you watch this! Bring your friends, Christian or non-Christian, ur parents, grandparents, auntie, uncle, cousins, cousin’s cousin, brother’s friend’s cousin sister, auntie’s cousin’s son’s brother’s kid  <*breathe in*…*breathe out*>… get the point.

And this is also the reason why I’ve been so….busy and hot not having able to find time to post stuff like this up lor.

So? Did I answer the question? =P


God Bless =)