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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Yo! Yes, I have an opening to fill again. Don’t worry, it’s not to fill a position of a baby sitter. This is a real vacancy which I’m helping my friend advertise.

Position : Business Development Coordinator
Company  : Wong and Partners
Advertised on : 28 Jul 2008

For more details, go to this URL:



p.s. So, does dat make this JobStreet @ JoN’s Street?


I didn’t realize that I have a rhythm that becomes an indicator of how I am doing. Not until just moments ago. I was in driving home and was wondering why was I so ‘stoned’ tonight. It didn’t feel like the usual person I am. It’s then I think of the things that I’ve been doing at work.


Lets take things a little back in time when I just started working in church.

I was happy doing ministry work, keeping up with the Boys – basically being in touch with youths. It was two to three weeks later that I had to skip some of those sessions due to various reasons. Since then, I’ve been feeling a little out of touch and a little lost spiritually (well, maybe it’s also because my devotion was irregular as well la). Attending those meeting with the Boys again, brought me back on track. But the momentum was lost. I have to start over again. Then I was required to do some admin work for the BB. It wasn’t all a bed of roses but neither was it all bad. Nonetheless, it wasn’t my favourite task (you get the picture). I guess it was also then that I’ve started to get bored of the tasks that I need to do. Nothing was playing in my head. It’s just dry. I use to have something playing at all times tho. Use to…


Coming back to the present, realizing that today (16 July) is a Wednesday – which means I get to learn my music theory and also practice on drums (which was my main objective working actually) brightened me up. It so happened that John Mayer’s ‘Say What You Need to Say’ played on Mix FM. I then feel my rhythm again. All the swing, funk, R&B, grooves – they all came back and music started playing in my head again.


I then realize that this actually happens when I’m at the top of my game in music. When I feel musical (and are able to Olive-Ash-Burl-Emr-Fadeplay musically of course). So, at least now I know that I’m probably not so happy when nothing is playing in my head. =)


Of course, all thanks to God for helping me make this discovery. Its just so cool. Thank God for making me such a way. It’s just so cool beans.