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Monthly Archives: June 2009

You know, sometimes when you hear a Christian (Person A) who is trying to convey a message to another person (Christian or not – Person B) of which, the intention is to help the person to realize his/her weaknesses, mistakes, stupid-ness, dopey-ness, ng leng chai-ness, stubborn-ness,dunggu-ness, or anything negative about the person. This person from church will try his/her best to convey it to Person B in such a way that it doesn’t hurt so bad although it’s true.

Sometimes when I see such a scenario, I ask myself “Why do through all the trouble?! If he/she’s got weaknesses, just tell em in the face so that they stop yapping and get real already!”. But of course, I didn’t say that out loud.

After watching Person A handle the situation (which is to tell the person in a nice manner topped with love) and putting myself in the shoes of Person B, I realize what that did.

Here’s the diff. If a person is being told that he/she s*** (the action that you do with the straw – Dubbed as ‘Straw Action’) have a weakness or something that you did wrong in the blunt and cruel way, the person would probably be defensive, raise the walls and take it personal. Then whatever else that you try to say to him/her is as good as saying it to a wall. Hence, the discussion doesn’t get anywhere. Not only did we not achieve the goal of the discussion,  we also end up with an extra & unnecessary agreement. Then every will go home feeling “ng song” (angry).

On the other hand, the same message was spoken in a loving and gentle manner, Person B will receive the message as a constructive comment and attempt to make amends!

Amazing huh? It only takes love to make a difference between starting an argument and passing a constructive comment. =)


p.s. The ‘scraped’ texts are strictly intended to add comedy to the post only.


View outside the officeSo,  (man…I always start saying this word) what’s happening to me lately? 

I’m not sure when or what was the last update but as of April 09, I was employed by the church (KL Wesley Methodist Church that is…) as a Youth Worker. Yup, I work for God =). Pastor Andrew is my earthly boss. I’m also a part-time student with Seminari Theology Malaysia (STM) pursuing Masters in Christian Studies (MCS).

“So, what do you do?” I get this question quite a lot. Well, I serve in the BB as a Warrant Officer, I help out teaching drums @ Senior Sunday School (SSS) – will probably be teaching lessons as I settle in as well, I oversee a new ministry called C.R.S. (Chill, Reload & Support) Centre or commonly known as The “Drop-In” Centre (provides a place for MBS students to chill out, do hw, have a drink, play board games, chat, etc); and I’m also in the process of starting a youth band that will go out to secondary schools and bless them with worship and also to provide some support to the CF; and I study. Minus the other ministries that I’m involved in, that pretty much sums up my JD (job description). Oh…I’ve also begun co-leading a small group @ Ronald’s place, so I’m a Small Group leader now. But that’s not in my JD tho…=)

If you’d ask me, I’d say my job is pretty much fun if you like to hang out and do the stuff that youths do (go for camps, play music, love to talk to friends, love to meet new friends, yum cha, etc) and be a kid! Ok la…a mature kid… hahahah…=P What more can you ask for when going for camps and playing music becomes part of your job? But, Ok be fair, there are also down sides’s not always a bed of roses. How so? When i need to do my STM assignments mai ng song lor… =( But the courses are quite interesting tho…until you have to do assignments and there is not much time left…Aside from that, it’s all gud =)

That’s almost all about work…what else have I been doing? Erm…writing songs lor…haven’t really had time to finish them yet…but I’ll finish @ least 1 song one fine day…one day… Do I write good songs? That’s for you to tell me when it comes out…one day…hahaha..


Got more questions? Wanna know more? Just post me a question here and I’ll tell you guys about it so long as it’s not too private la…ok? =)



Hi there!

Yes, I know…it’s been ages since my last post. I think this is the 2nd round which I’m posting such an entry..hehe. What happened?

Well, I think I realize that blogging takes quite an amount of time (especially when you are trying to write in a way that interest people + looking for nice pictures that go with it). So, I decided that since the blog was mostly for those who are overseas to be updated on what’s going on with me (i check the stats of my blog); I thought they can chat with me on MSN or GTalk instead of reading my blog. Hence, forget the blog…

Well, it turns out that I was wrong. Not only do those overseas read it, even those who are local would like to know what’s goin on! Man…i feel so humbled and also thankful for having friends who care.

And that is part of the reason why I’m blogging again. =)

Part of the reason? Does that mean that wasn’t a good enough reason for me to blog again? Well, not to say so but other reasons also contributed to me blogging again. A close friend of mine told me that it’s good to put your thoughts in words so that I can solidify and confirm what I was thinking. Since I like to talk about my happenings, putting it as a blog post seems to be a good alternative when I don’t have anyone to talk to. I cant talk to the wall or my bulldog, can i? IMG_7476


I mean, look at the fella’s face la…how to talk? I’ll probably end up mushing da fella’s face like a clay or slapping it la…yes, I know… it’s so cute…=)


So, yes! I’m back…and blogging. Hence, the new blog name, tag and the new layout. Hope you’d enjoy reading =).

“eh eh eh…! But what’s going on with you?” I heard you ask…

check the next post la…hahahaha