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Monthly Archives: July 2009

I saw one of my old friend’s MSN status this morning and it says this:

Smile like a Rainbow 

I wonder how does that work. Do you smile like this smiley-smile  or do you smile like this smiley-frown ? Well i was thinking of the latter coz that’s how rainbows arch right?


p.s. If this is you, then sorry la…hehe. No offence intended. Oh..btw..Hi! =)


crankycover I’m not sure how you guys might deal with this but I was really restless and felt uneasy the whole of this morning. Maybe it was because I woke up early or something.

iPod wasn’t playing nice songs while on shuffle, rushed out the house to find that it was raining and was so ideal to sleep in (maybe that’s why mi sis worked from home to day), drove out the main road to get stuck in a jam (like I wasn’t late enough).  Got to church to recall that pastor was on leave, then thinking there was no prayer meeting since pastor is on leave. 1 hour later seeing colleagues arrive and telling me that the OTHER pastor is leading prayer meeting if the pastor-in-charge is not around (grr..!). 

Before i decided to pen type all this down, I wonder what’s wrong and what can I do to change this. Well 1 thing helped for sure. Listening to great music on great sounding earphones. =)

I realized this when i was checking my email and someone attached a youtube link to a song that we’re suppose to familiarize for MMT practice tonight. And THAT, was the turning point. It felt like my release valve opened and the pressures and frusses of this morning came out in jets. Coupled with the blogging therapy, things are much looser now. =)

Hahh… Thank God for music!