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Monthly Archives: August 2009

My morning routine pretty much looks like what everyone else go through every morning.

Wake up . wash up . get dressed . get out the door . drive off to work.


All that, just to face the jam outside.

morning traffic jam

And we I frustrated especially when I realize I’m late and I have people around me who cut in and out of lanes (especially into mine!). When this happens most people would not consider their morning a “good morning”. It’s just a morning.


But today, I realize that a lot us (myself included) had been missing out on “good mornings” every day when I saw this before I went out.


Pretty huh? This happens every day by the way.

I realize that God intended every morning to be a “good morning”. It’s up to us to see it.

Have a good morning guys!


Haze outside the window...=(

Ello people…This was what i saw as soon as i got up in the morning yesterday. It was suppose to be one of those beautiful mornings which you can see nice rays of orange sunlight (which also forces me up) that lit my room and it gives you that (Inhales deeply) “Ah…fresh morning smell”.

But what happened yday was not exactly that. It was more like (Inhales) followed by (cough cough) that reminded me that my bad soar throat is still there if not worst.

So, boys & girls, leng chai & leng lui, ah kung & ah poh…if you can, avoid going out these few days to enjoy the fresh smell of burnt tropical rain forest la ok? =)

Do you ever get caught in situations where you have to answer the following question:

“Which category/group do i belong to?”

  • Smart
  • Not so smart
  • IT Wiz
  • Geek
  • Musician
  • Nerd
  • Average dude/gal
  • Naughty
  • Lazy
  • Others

Well honestly speaking, it doesn’t really matter what other people think you are. What matters is God thinks you’re cool. Period. =)

What happens when you eat a lot of spicy food over a period of time?
You get sick.


What happens when you don’t drink enough water?
You get sick.


What happens when you eat a lot of vegies but still don’t drink enough water?
You get sick.


What happens when you don’t drink enough water, eat spicy food, don’t get enough sleep but still drink enough water?
That’s formula to get really sick.


p.s.Kids & the kids @ heart, don’t try this at home, office or any where else. You’ll regret it…trust me.