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Monthly Archives: September 2009

You know, I’ve been thinking that I must be one of the most irregular bloggers amongst my friends because my posts are so irregular if not absent all together.

Sometimes I ask myself why this happens and what makes writing a post so difficult. This is usually where I go “I’m busy, I have this @ night, that tomorrow night and something else the night after. During the day I will be busy doing this, that and also that…blah blah blah”. All that said with the perception that my blog needs to be interesting and needs pictures to be so. So no pics, no posts.


However, after looking at friend’s post just now, I realize it didn’t have to have pics to be interesting (although having some would do great to make it more interesting). People who are interested in finding out about the blogger (whoever it may be, in this case – me) will get to the blog to find out what’s going on with me. But of course, if people are not interested, I can’t really point a gun to their head or threaten them with a 100 push-ups, can I?

Long story short, here’s the big fat idea and inspiration that I got from my friend’s blog:

(Jon steps on podium and adjusts the mic)

(Begins to speak with manly voice filled with authority as though speaking to a stadium of people)

“Ahem..! Here ye, here ye.

I here by declare that the United Posts of BeingJonDotWordPressDotCom shall hence forth be joyfully, gladly, giggly, sprinkle-water-with-water-lilly, populated with random stuff that thee may or may not want to know and of things that it may or may not take to be: yours sincerely.”

(with jelly very cina accent)

“Okey. tank you…”


If you ever understand the above, you’d ask: “So, what does it take or like to be Jon?”

(with ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ host tone)

“We’ll find out after the break. We’ll be right back! Stay tuned.”