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Hi guys!

It’s been some time (again) since my last post. Many of you have been asking me when will I be posting pictures and stories of my recent trip to Nepal and I’ve been trying to have this posted a.s.a.p. So, your patience is much appreciated. =)

Coming your way, is a series of posts numbered day 1-13 which are the number of days that I was there. I’ll do my best to recall and be as drama precise as possible so that you can have a 3rd person (if not 1st person) experience being there, journeying.

But due to security reasons, I may not be able to post pictures most of the time. Especially the ones that have faces of people in them. Coz by posting those pictures, I may potentially put them at risk unnecessarily. Hope You’d understand that. =)

So, without delaying further, here’s Day 1 on the next post.


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