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It’s 25th Sept 09. The alarm rang and the time says 4.45am. This is probably the earliest that i’ve ever waken for something before. I walked with semi-wobbly steps around the house, to shower, back to my room, got out of the house and reached church at 5.30am.

Some of my friends were already there and we were waiting for the another friend of ours who is suppose to send us to KLIA. Soon, he gets here, loaded the luggages and off we went.

We have tonnes to check-in coz there are 10 of us, each with our own luggage plus another 8-10 other bags off stuff that we are bringing.


So, we checked in what we can and since we still have some time before the plane takes off, we had our breakfast at the terminal. IMG_9569

I’ve not been on any flight my whole 23 years. So, being on a flight like this is really exciting. Especially when we are transiting. I had to say flying is really fun (except the long journey bit) and I’ve somehow developed a liking for aircrafts. Maybe it’s a guy thing that come naturally. IMG_9563 IMG_9566 IMG_9588

So, the time cam when we had to board our flight. I was the official photographer so, I get the window seat even though my ticket doesn’t say so..hehe.

About 2 hours later we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport (quite a cool name if u ask me), Thailand for a flight transit. IMG_9598

IMG_9594 IMG_9591

Quite a nice place but I still think KLIA looks better. =)IMG_9603

Me being a makan kaki, obviously i’d look for food 1st thing we landed and guess what i found! Pork Burger! Wohoo!IMG_9631

So, about 5hrs later (4hrs transit + 1hr delay) he hopped on this metal bird (Nepal Airlines) and we’re on our way to Nepal.


By the time we arrived, it was already dark.IMG_9676

Oh…where is this? Don’t quite know da name of the airpot but this is Kathmandu. Capital city of Nepal.


So, we loaded our stuff… xD and got to this hotel.


Hotel Himalaya. And that was day 1. Over here in Nepal, people close shop by 6pm and sleeps latest by 9.30pm. Pretty early huh?



  1. erm, flying a guy thing? rightttt.. *rolls eyes* LOL!
    but yay, looking forward to more Nepali stories soon! 🙂

  2. Fun trip huh? XD

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