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Ever wonder when was the Earth created? If you google the subject, you’d realize that there are 2 schools of thought: The Earth is quite young – only about 6000 years old; and the Earth is old – about 4 mil years old.


So, which is which? Well, no one ever knows. i’d like to think of it as one of those things that God didn’t reveal to us specifically. Kinda like “when is Jesus coming again’. Why? Probably coz when we do know exactly when the Earth was created (with technology and advance calculation and etc), it proves certain religion(s) wrong of their claims. That (i suppose) would eventually break out into conflicts. Peace would probably be something quite hard to come by, by then.


It’s 25th Sept 09. The alarm rang and the time says 4.45am. This is probably the earliest that i’ve ever waken for something before. I walked with semi-wobbly steps around the house, to shower, back to my room, got out of the house and reached church at 5.30am.

Some of my friends were already there and we were waiting for the another friend of ours who is suppose to send us to KLIA. Soon, he gets here, loaded the luggages and off we went.

We have tonnes to check-in coz there are 10 of us, each with our own luggage plus another 8-10 other bags off stuff that we are bringing.


So, we checked in what we can and since we still have some time before the plane takes off, we had our breakfast at the terminal. IMG_9569

I’ve not been on any flight my whole 23 years. So, being on a flight like this is really exciting. Especially when we are transiting. I had to say flying is really fun (except the long journey bit) and I’ve somehow developed a liking for aircrafts. Maybe it’s a guy thing that come naturally. IMG_9563 IMG_9566 IMG_9588

So, the time cam when we had to board our flight. I was the official photographer so, I get the window seat even though my ticket doesn’t say so..hehe.

About 2 hours later we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport (quite a cool name if u ask me), Thailand for a flight transit. IMG_9598

IMG_9594 IMG_9591

Quite a nice place but I still think KLIA looks better. =)IMG_9603

Me being a makan kaki, obviously i’d look for food 1st thing we landed and guess what i found! Pork Burger! Wohoo!IMG_9631

So, about 5hrs later (4hrs transit + 1hr delay) he hopped on this metal bird (Nepal Airlines) and we’re on our way to Nepal.


By the time we arrived, it was already dark.IMG_9676

Oh…where is this? Don’t quite know da name of the airpot but this is Kathmandu. Capital city of Nepal.


So, we loaded our stuff… xD and got to this hotel.


Hotel Himalaya. And that was day 1. Over here in Nepal, people close shop by 6pm and sleeps latest by 9.30pm. Pretty early huh?

Hi guys!

It’s been some time (again) since my last post. Many of you have been asking me when will I be posting pictures and stories of my recent trip to Nepal and I’ve been trying to have this posted a.s.a.p. So, your patience is much appreciated. =)

Coming your way, is a series of posts numbered day 1-13 which are the number of days that I was there. I’ll do my best to recall and be as drama precise as possible so that you can have a 3rd person (if not 1st person) experience being there, journeying.

But due to security reasons, I may not be able to post pictures most of the time. Especially the ones that have faces of people in them. Coz by posting those pictures, I may potentially put them at risk unnecessarily. Hope You’d understand that. =)

So, without delaying further, here’s Day 1 on the next post.

You know, I’ve been thinking that I must be one of the most irregular bloggers amongst my friends because my posts are so irregular if not absent all together.

Sometimes I ask myself why this happens and what makes writing a post so difficult. This is usually where I go “I’m busy, I have this @ night, that tomorrow night and something else the night after. During the day I will be busy doing this, that and also that…blah blah blah”. All that said with the perception that my blog needs to be interesting and needs pictures to be so. So no pics, no posts.


However, after looking at friend’s post just now, I realize it didn’t have to have pics to be interesting (although having some would do great to make it more interesting). People who are interested in finding out about the blogger (whoever it may be, in this case – me) will get to the blog to find out what’s going on with me. But of course, if people are not interested, I can’t really point a gun to their head or threaten them with a 100 push-ups, can I?

Long story short, here’s the big fat idea and inspiration that I got from my friend’s blog:

(Jon steps on podium and adjusts the mic)

(Begins to speak with manly voice filled with authority as though speaking to a stadium of people)

“Ahem..! Here ye, here ye.

I here by declare that the United Posts of BeingJonDotWordPressDotCom shall hence forth be joyfully, gladly, giggly, sprinkle-water-with-water-lilly, populated with random stuff that thee may or may not want to know and of things that it may or may not take to be: yours sincerely.”

(with jelly very cina accent)

“Okey. tank you…”


If you ever understand the above, you’d ask: “So, what does it take or like to be Jon?”

(with ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ host tone)

“We’ll find out after the break. We’ll be right back! Stay tuned.”

My morning routine pretty much looks like what everyone else go through every morning.

Wake up . wash up . get dressed . get out the door . drive off to work.


All that, just to face the jam outside.

morning traffic jam

And we I frustrated especially when I realize I’m late and I have people around me who cut in and out of lanes (especially into mine!). When this happens most people would not consider their morning a “good morning”. It’s just a morning.


But today, I realize that a lot us (myself included) had been missing out on “good mornings” every day when I saw this before I went out.


Pretty huh? This happens every day by the way.

I realize that God intended every morning to be a “good morning”. It’s up to us to see it.

Have a good morning guys!

Haze outside the window...=(

Ello people…This was what i saw as soon as i got up in the morning yesterday. It was suppose to be one of those beautiful mornings which you can see nice rays of orange sunlight (which also forces me up) that lit my room and it gives you that (Inhales deeply) “Ah…fresh morning smell”.

But what happened yday was not exactly that. It was more like (Inhales) followed by (cough cough) that reminded me that my bad soar throat is still there if not worst.

So, boys & girls, leng chai & leng lui, ah kung & ah poh…if you can, avoid going out these few days to enjoy the fresh smell of burnt tropical rain forest la ok? =)

Do you ever get caught in situations where you have to answer the following question:

“Which category/group do i belong to?”

  • Smart
  • Not so smart
  • IT Wiz
  • Geek
  • Musician
  • Nerd
  • Average dude/gal
  • Naughty
  • Lazy
  • Others

Well honestly speaking, it doesn’t really matter what other people think you are. What matters is God thinks you’re cool. Period. =)

What happens when you eat a lot of spicy food over a period of time?
You get sick.


What happens when you don’t drink enough water?
You get sick.


What happens when you eat a lot of vegies but still don’t drink enough water?
You get sick.


What happens when you don’t drink enough water, eat spicy food, don’t get enough sleep but still drink enough water?
That’s formula to get really sick.


p.s.Kids & the kids @ heart, don’t try this at home, office or any where else. You’ll regret it…trust me.

I saw one of my old friend’s MSN status this morning and it says this:

Smile like a Rainbow 

I wonder how does that work. Do you smile like this smiley-smile  or do you smile like this smiley-frown ? Well i was thinking of the latter coz that’s how rainbows arch right?


p.s. If this is you, then sorry la…hehe. No offence intended. Oh..btw..Hi! =)

crankycover I’m not sure how you guys might deal with this but I was really restless and felt uneasy the whole of this morning. Maybe it was because I woke up early or something.

iPod wasn’t playing nice songs while on shuffle, rushed out the house to find that it was raining and was so ideal to sleep in (maybe that’s why mi sis worked from home to day), drove out the main road to get stuck in a jam (like I wasn’t late enough).  Got to church to recall that pastor was on leave, then thinking there was no prayer meeting since pastor is on leave. 1 hour later seeing colleagues arrive and telling me that the OTHER pastor is leading prayer meeting if the pastor-in-charge is not around (grr..!). 

Before i decided to pen type all this down, I wonder what’s wrong and what can I do to change this. Well 1 thing helped for sure. Listening to great music on great sounding earphones. =)

I realized this when i was checking my email and someone attached a youtube link to a song that we’re suppose to familiarize for MMT practice tonight. And THAT, was the turning point. It felt like my release valve opened and the pressures and frusses of this morning came out in jets. Coupled with the blogging therapy, things are much looser now. =)

Hahh… Thank God for music!